LazyMapsAPILoaderConfigLiteral - TypeScript

Configuration for the LazyMapsAPILoader.


  • apiKey : string

    The Google Maps API Key (see:

  • clientId : string

    The Google Maps client ID (for premium plans). When you have a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan license, you must authenticate your application with either an API key or a client ID. The Google Maps API will fail to load if both a client ID and an API key are included.

  • channel : string

    The Google Maps channel name (for premium plans). A channel parameter is an optional parameter that allows you to track usage under your client ID by assigning a distinct channel to each of your applications.

  • apiVersion : string

    Google Maps API version.

  • hostAndPath : string

    Host and Path used for the <script> tag.

  • protocol : GoogleMapsScriptProtocol

    Protocol used for the <script> tag.

  • libraries : string[]

    Defines which Google Maps libraries should get loaded.

  • region : string

    The default bias for the map behavior is US. If you wish to alter your application to serve different map tiles or bias the application, you can overwrite the default behavior (US) by defining a region. See

  • language : string

    The Google Maps API uses the browser's preferred language when displaying textual information. If you wish to overwrite this behavior and force the API to use a given language, you can use this setting. See

exported from core/index defined in core/services/maps-api-loader/lazy-maps-api-loader.ts (line 17)